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Why did I choose this medium for Part I of my Junior Author Paper?

Something beyond an ordinary biography of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. was needed for my Junior Author Paper, so I thought, "What is the best way for me to complete Part I of the assignment?" I wanted to be original, so I tried to think of something that is familiar to me, and that could be made interesting to others. A paper is far from original, no matter how it is written. In addition, an essay is not usually interesting to many other people. An interactive World Wide Web biography of Kurt Vonnegut fulfills both of my criteria. With this, I can go way beyond the normal, and create an experience that goes much farther into Kurt Vonnegut. Here you can find a quick chronology of Vonnegut's life, a summary of his novels and other works, various pictures from throughout his life, and links to other Kurt Vonnegut resources on the Internet. Even though Vonnegut is "a hopelessly clumsy discusser of books" (Vonnegut Palm Sunday 95) he can still write them skillfully enough, but still "not everyone who reads convinced of his worth or durability as a writer" (Klinkowitz xiv). Hopefully you will be able to appreciate KV as well as I do after seeing this web site.

What would Vonnegut think of this?

Ironically, Kurt Vonnegut would probably not like this method of representing his life. He is very interested in people, and he does not like science and technology that dehumanizes life. He would not think that http://www.kurt-vonnegut/ or is a good way of representing a person. Instead, his "interplanetary midwestern viewpoint" leads him to believe in "such radically updated values as love, compassion, humility, and conscience" (Lundquist 1), which are not usually contained in something accessed with a computer.

If you'd like to write Mr. Vonnegut, please do so in the care of his Attorney/Agent:
Donald C. Farber
Hartman & Craven
460 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10022-1987

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Lustbader, Steven. "Complete Kurt Vonnegut Web Page, The." <http://www.kurt-vonnegut/>. April 1997.

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